Michaela Warren

Aerobic Head Coach

Michaela is currently one of Queensland’s leading and dedicated athletes and coaches in Aerobic Gymnastics. She is excited and passionate about leading Queensland’s leading Aerobic Gymnastics Club into the future as one of two Head Coaches of our Premier Aerobic program.

Michaela who has been coaching Aerobics for the past 7 years at a school, club and state level currently holds an Advanced Silver judging accreditation and Advanced coaching accreditation. She has been selected as a State Team Coach for two years, travelling to National Championships with her athletes. Michaela is currently still competing in the sport at an elite level, and this combined with her extensive judging and coaching knowledge has Premier excited for her future in coaching.

Michaela’s achievements as an athlete include:

– Michaela has competed for 10 years as an athlete and has been a member of the State Aerobics Team for 9 years.
– Michaela has competed at 3 International competitions in America at the Association of National Aerobic Championships (ANAC)
– Michaela has been awarded 2 international Aerodance medals (1st 2013 and 3rd 2016.
– Michaela has been a member of the National Squad 3 times and is currently on the 2018/2019 National Squad.