Aerobic Gymnastics at Premier 

Premier Gymnastics are one of the leading clubs in Australia for Aerobic Gymnastics and offer a successful competitive program for all ages in Aerobics and Aerodance. Aerobic Gymnastics is the perfect sport for active children with energy to burn. Our talented and experienced coaches will guide your children through an action packed, dynamic sport that is fast paced and is great for developing heath and fitness.

Open Aerobics

Age: 5 – 12 years
Length: 1.5 hours

The open aerobics is a fun exciting class perfect for beginners and non-competitive athletes aged 5 – 12 years old. Our experienced and qualified coaches are highly motivated and will teach your child the basics of aerobics whilst improving flexibility, strength and coordination. This class is a fun introduction to aerobics with potential to transfer into our competitive program.

Competitive Aerobics 


National Levels 2-5 Programs

Invitation Only

The National levels 2-5 program is designed for competitive athletes. Athletes compete at regional and state level competitions and train approximately 3 – 6 hours per week, dependent on level. Athletes will be invited into one of the Aero Squads (2, 3 or 4) and will train and compete compulsory routines as individuals or in pairs or trios.

National and International Levels 6 – 10 Programs

Invitation Only

The National level 6-10 and International program is designed for the more serious athlete. Athletes will be invited to train in Aero squad 1 or 2 or our Junior Development Squad and will train 6 – 16 hours per week. Athletes in this program will compete optional routines as individuals or in pairs or trios and will get the opportunity to compete at regional, state, national and even international competitions.


Invitation Only

AeroDance is a recently added division of competitive aerobics. AeroDance incorporates traditional aerobics steps as well as a 32 – 64 count street style dance break and a 3rd optional style of salsa, jazz, hip hop or musical theatre in the middle with athletes competing individually or in trios or teams. Our very experienced coaches will provide a fun and exciting class. Some aerobics or dance experience will help, however is not essential. We are currently the National Aerodance Champions