UPDATE new WAG and AERO club tracksuit

WAG and AEROBICS TRACKSUIT update 13/05/2020

The supplier has informed us that they have been receiving enquiries regarding the delivery date of the tracksuit recently. We emailed him a few weeks ago for an update ourselves, so we are keeping abreast of everything but are also being sensitive to all businesses at the moment who have also been affected by COVID 19 like uniform suppliers.

A request to all to please not directly contact BLK regarding the groups order.

The steps for the order have been signed off on and we are still waiting for the one completed sample of both the shirt and the tracksuit to be sent to us for approval before the full production is completed.

Obviously the previous timeline with 26 April being an estimated delivery date had been delayed due to COVID so as there are no events pressing the need for the tracksuit at the moment we want to ensure the product is perfect.

We as a club also ordered additional sizes to keep in stock and also to allow for changes if required.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation,