Premier Classes Covid update August 8


What a great day! We’re still excited after watching our Senior Rhythmic team at the Olympics yesterday AND today, we’re getting out of lockdown!

Unfortunately we are still waiting clarification from Gymnastics Queensland as to whether we fall under Community Sport or Business. We are hoping this is clarified tonight and we can begin to operate again out of Morningside at least.

At this stage all Monday morning classes will be canceled at the very least.

Both Schools will have restrictions due to regulations asking to only have MBC or SOM house students on campuses.
We will be in touch asap and please keep checking the website for updates as our bulk emails are always unsuccessful.

If we do return please note there will be regulations again in place in particular no spectating at all for at least 2 weeks. All children except U5 will be a drop off only with parents remaining in the car. This will help us ensure that our areas outside the field of play are under Covid control.

As per the QLD Government restrictions, parents, and children over 12yrs old, must wear a mask when they visit the venue either to pick up/drop off their child/ren, or when attending training. Parents must also check in using the Check in Qld app each time they are at our venues.

On a personal note, thank you to those who have offered to support my small business by refusing the offer for credit for these closure periods. This is so appreciated and means alot as there is no income or support during these closures, so thank you so much,

To keep our Premier community safe and well when we do open, we kindly request that if you or your child is unwell, to remain at home. It is our policy that children who are unwell will be sent home until they make a full recovery.

For now this is all I can confirm unfortunately,