Employment Opportunities at Premier Gymnastics

Premier Gymnastics is currently looking for applicants for our competitive program in WAG Level 4-10 and Junior Development. POSITION Due to our expanding WAG program and increase in members in this area, we are looking for possible Full Time/Part Time position, minimum 2 years competitive experience essential, judging qualification an advantage, ability to coach Australian Levels Program 4-10. For more information please read the full document here.

UPDATE new WAG and AERO club tracksuit

WAG and AEROBICS TRACKSUIT update 13/05/2020 The supplier has informed us that they have been receiving enquiries regarding the delivery date of the tracksuit recently. We emailed him a few weeks ago for an update ourselves, so we are keeping abreast of everything but are also being sensitive to all businesses at the moment who have also been affected by COVID 19 like uniform suppliers. A request to all to please not directly contact BLK regarding the groups order. The steps for the order have been signed off on and we are still waiting for the one completed sample of...