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Good afternoon everyone,


Thanks for your patience whilst we continue to seek clarification on whether gymnastics clubs within South East Queensland’s 11 LGAs that were in lockdown will be able to open again.


Chris has spoken directly with the Sports Minister’s Office this morning to convey the ability of gymnastics clubs to safely operate with measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission, referencing our exemplary track record to date, particularly in comparison to other sports. He has also highlighted the similarities between different industries that have been given permission to recommence operating and our gymnastics clubs. Additionally, we have stressed the financial impact that the current guidance will have on our gymnastics clubs and their staff should they be required to remain closed over the next few weeks.


At this time, the direction of the Sports Minister’s Office is to submit a letter to the Minister and Andrew Sly, the Assistant Director-General of Sport and Recreation, to outline the views and concerns listed above. This will be done today and we shall also enquire about any potential financial support for clubs and staff that will be made available during this time.


At present, we can’t confirm when we will have a response to this and therefore until that time, we are continuing with the current government guidance that gymnastics clubs within the 11 LGAs are unable to recommence classes until further notice is provided.


May we also add that we are aware of information circulating amongst our community that other similar activities, such as karate and dance, have allegedly received permission from Queensland Health to resume classes. At present, we have not received any form of official confirmation that this is the case. If they have, this too will be put forward as part of our requests to the government. We will continue to monitor reports of exemptions such as these if they are being offered and whether they may be applied to gymnastics.


Thank you to everyone for your patience during this time. We are doing all that we can to provide you with any information as soon as we have it and hopefully see our clubs granted permission to re-open as soon as possible within the 11 LGAs.


Kind regards,




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